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By investing in their young teams, clubs reduce costs and create the opportunity to promote relationships among them through the buyout system of young talents.
Ascoli Calcio SpA, from the Italian Seria A, Italian Professional Soccer League has adapted the kind of policy based on the research and training of young soccer players by creating the Ascoli Soccer Academy. a project realized through the affiliation with IFA (Italian Football Academy), a well know n and respected company specialized in scouting of young soccer talents.
Ascoli Soccer Academy is the only italian football school that offers to young players and kids the possibility to attend a football boarding Camp with a professional team and innovative, advanced training environment.

At Ascoli Academy, each boys is an important part of the team, and a team's success is not dependent on just one players but on the entire club and our soccer camp teach how to having fun, playing and cooperate with the other kids, learning new skills and the important value of rules and education.

Football training school Italy: course for kids in professional youth camps

  • Year long soccer course: with a duration of 9 months wich coincides with the opening and closing of the scholastic and academic year (from september to june)
  • Monthly or summer long football course: with a duration of 1,2 or 3 months wich can be attended during any period of the regular sportive season (just for those attending university)

The youth italian training school (the camps are located in Perugia and Ascoli) represents a project wich gives young soccer players the opportunity to train in Italy with a professional team with well known and expert coaches with FIGC/UEFA license.
Football coaching was born with the aim to enhance young athletes techincal skills through intense practices based accordingly on the Italian method and training.
However, Ascoli training school is not just soccer, cause since the complete growth of a player pass through the education as well, the school gives players the opportunity to improve in it.
Partecipants to the year long courses attend an italian public institute (at the Convitto in Assisi) if still studying at the high school in their country, or at the University if they already finished high school.
Partecipants to the Monthly courses can choose to take or not italian language lessons at the university: in that way the kids will increase their soccer skills and knowledge, Italian culture and Italian language abilities, cause all players will study in italian courses with language development programs.

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Italian soccer coaching school and courses

Great soccer clubs need great football coaches. It is now easier than ever to become a qualified and expert coach through our italian soccer coaching school.
Most soccer coaching courses concentrate on tactical formation, match analysis and field plays and this are good information: but the Ascoli coaching school concentrates on youth player development and on formation of a football school.
We will teach you how, as a coach, can implement the Ascoli Soccer Academy program to your teams and club.

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International youth soccer Tournaments in Italy

You can see in the smile of a child as he scores his first goal that the exhilaration of being a part of the most popular and cooperative sport in the world is universal.
Ascoli Soccer Academy normally organize national and international youth football tournaments during the sport season in italy.
In case of a international event, teams from Italy and from abroad will have the opportunity to play games versus PROFESSIONAL TEAMS. The tournaments organized by Ascoli Soccer Academy put together tens soccer teams and hundreds young players from all over the world, each tournament is generally characterized by an unforgettable intercultural exchange that emphasizes sport.

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Ascoli boarding camp will evaluate the young soccer players, enhancing the possibility of identifying young talent that could be inserted in a professional youth sector team.



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At the end of the school, Ascoli Soccer Academy staff gives a technical report and a certificate of attendance.

Trust our experience proved by years of experience and thousands of young football players become a professional soccer players: call us for information and technical answer at +39.0755179638


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